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Gym Closed 
till April 6
precaution due to Covid-19 
Revised  Schedule 
will be available soon

Please check back here

members will receive email

Spring Session
Dates: tba
Pre-school to Adult
Beginner to Advance Rec
Spring Gym Classes
Mommy/Dad & Me: Mon, Friday a.m.
 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat & Sun
Acronastics for Dancers 
Urbanastics (Parkour) 
Kindernastics 4 & 5 yr olds
 Jr Gym 6 yr+
BOYS:Tuesday, Sat & Sun
 GIRLS Tuesday. Thursday, Sat & Sun
Sr. Gym 10 yr+
BOYS: Tuesday Pm.
GIRLS: Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Choose class according to age,
day of the week and time. See available spots with the link provided above.
No payment until you input your credit card info. 20 min to finish to pay; your spot will be released after 20 min

precaution due to Covid-19

45th Anniversary Body Suits

Super Sale
at the gym

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    Celebrating 45 Flippin' Years! 

What's Happening Around The Gym!

FREE Trial Class
Mommy (or Dad) & Me
Book ahead on line for
free use code NEW1
you and your child (2 - 4 yr)
March 31 Tuesday 
9:10 a.m.
Book NOW for Free
Walk in without booking: $16


to our

Competitive Athletes!

First competition of the season


20 Gold medals

13 Silver medals

16 Bronze medals

Tuesday & Thursday PM.
Saturday & Sunday AM.
Same day / time each week
Parent & Tot  Kindergym 45'
Kindernastics  1 hr
Boys Jr & Sr  1.5 hr
Girls Jr  1.5 hr  Girls Sr 2 hr
Acronastics 1 hr
Urbanastics 1.5 hr
Adult Gym 1.5 hr
Intro to Acro 2 hr
Weekday Pre-school
Family Open Gym Fun
Mommy/Dad & Me
Flexible Attendance
join when you can
pre-book on line 24/7
Tue 9:15 am or Fri 10:30 am
book a whole session for
 only $8 per class
$65 Multi-pass for 5 classes
$16 single drop in
$15 pre-book on line

Option of pay in monthly installments 

Assorted Body Suits


Available in Children's & Adult's Sizes

Please Visit During Regular Office Hours For Purchase!

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