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Competitive Program

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The competitive program at Ajax Acro's & Durham Gymnastics Academy is designed for children who enjoy the challenge of training at a higher level and competing in the sport of gymnastics.

Competitive programs are full season commitment running from July until June of the subsequent year. Participants are required to try out for this program. If selected, athletes will be assigned to the best suited competitive group for their goals and abilities. Our athletes compete at the pre-competitive, interclub/invitational, and provincial levels. All classes are taught by certified and experienced coaches.

Ajax Acro's and Durham Gymnastics have been serving the Ajax community for 50 year. Our competitive programs, both women's and men's, have produced many provincial champions. Lots of our competitive athletes return as coaches to work with the next generation of athletes.
We provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow. In addition to gymnastic skills, athletes also learn the value of hard work, setting goals, perseverance and ways to overcome challenges.
Competitive programs parents play an important supportive role to their own children as well as their teams and the club as a whole. The commitments include participating in small amount of fundraising initiatives, and volunteering at club events such as competition and cleaning nights. 

Program Length:
12 months, July 1 - June 30 (exact dates vary with each team), summer training, if assigned, is mandatory.
Training Hours:
On average athletes train between 4 to 16 hours per week for 35 to 46 weeks during the 12 month  long season, dependent on the athlete's assigned group. Schedule of each group is assigned by the coaches each new season. Athletes must commit to full schedule. No alternative choices. Summer training are required starting in your 2nd year as a competitive athlete. Vacation planning should take this into consideration.

Competitive Levels:
Head coach of each program decides on the competitive level with input from the individual's coach. With their combined knowledge of the sport, they choose what is most appropriate and suitable for the individual gymnast. Every effort is made so the level matches the athlete and is to his/her benefit for a healthy long term development.

Tuition fees are based on an annual program. Tuition can either be paid in lump sum or split in an monthly equal payment plan available from $200 - 500 per installment (in accordance with the number of training hours.) Please note that installments are not monthly fees, therefore not pro-rated monthly. In addition, there are mandatory membership fee for the provincial association, competition entry fees, uniform cost and club event support ranging from $300 - $1000.

Withdraw request (in writing) must be submitted by email to the office 60 days in advance. 
No refunds for fees for that 60 day period, nor for fee already submitted by the club on behalf of member athletes,

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Boys Competitive


Durham Gymnastics Academy offers competitive programs for boys age 7+.


Athletes strive to learn and perfect skills based on the provincial competitive requirement of the various levels.  Gymnasts in our boys program work on all 6 events, floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, p-bars and high bar. Depending on their levels, gymnasts will compete in 1 to 3 competitions in the season.


Boys Pre- Comp

Prepare young athletes with solid foundation and conditioning with the goal to join the next level (Interclub) program.

Competitions (Boys & Girls)


Competitions (aka meets) are hosted by various clubs within the province of Ontario. Head coach of each program enter all athletes at the beginning of the season in competitions. Some weekend travel may be necessary. 


In the fall, the dates of the weekends and the location of the meets will be listed on the competitive web page. However, exact schedule are not known until we get notification from the hosting clubs, typically about 3 weeks before the weekend of the competition.

Girls Competitive


Ajax Acro's Gymnastics Club offers competitive programming for girls age 5+

Girls Mini Program

Prepare young athletes (5+) with solid foundation and conditioning with the goal to join the next level (ODP or OCP) program.

Ontario Development Program

Athletes train under the Ontario Development Program for young gymnasts age 6 - 8, and will enter into 1 - 2 competitions in the season.

OCP Levels 1-5

Depending on the levels, athletes will compete in 1 - 3 meets that are based on the Ontario Competitive Program. Through compulsory routines, gymnast learn to perfect the basic gymnastics skills on the 4 events, vault, bars, beam and floor

Gymnasts in levels 3 - 5 particiopate in minimum 3 meets and aim to qualify to compete at Provincial Championships at the end of the season (May or June)

Provincial Levels 6 +

Athletes compete in a minimum of 3 Provincial Qualifiers and aim to qualify to compete at Provincial Championships and the opportunity to represent Ontario in Eastern Canadian Championships.

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