Tips for Competition!

Check List: what to bring with you

_ competitive suit, jacket, black pants and solid white socks (no colour pattern)

_ Extra hair ties and clips

_ Hair spray

_ Brush

_ Water bottle (Water Only!)

_ A simple, no mess, healthy snack after the competition is done, between awards.

_ All these items in a small gym bag (if you need one, make a purchase from the club)



No nail polish on fingers or toes

No sparkles in hair, no make up

Non-scented hand lotion and lip chap

No tattoos


Tips for parents:

- Check the schedule and arrive in time for the start of registration

- Bring cash. All competitions charge admission fees (about $10 pp)

- There will be snack stands and often gym suits for sale

- No Flash Photography

- Cheering is allowed all in good taste

- Please do not approach your child while they are on the competition floor

- Questions for coaches? Please ask to speak with the coach when you return to the home gym

- Refrain from discussing your child's achievements in front of others

- Keep it positive !! Do not make negative comments on other athletes (ours or other clubs)

- Enjoy the experience of watching all the youngsters striving to do their best for you