Frequently Asked Questions  

Which Class to choose?
Just like school, our classes are designed for children of similar age but with smaller class size
18 mo - 4.9 yr: Pre-school with Parent (ratio 1:10)
5 - 8.9 yr: Junior Gym (coach ratio 1:8)
9+ yr: Senior Gym (coach ratio 1:8)
Choose the age group, then the time that works for your schedule. 
How do I register my child?
Registration is open 24/7 on your own device via the system Amilia.

On our website, click on buttons "Register", "Check Space"
-Choose the program (age, day, time)

-Set up your account

-Confirm your email: reply to the initial email from Amilia

-Fill out all forms online

-Check out

-Confirm purchase by making payment with a credit card

Do not create a new account each time you register. Your child's progress is recorded therein. Remember the email you use to set up. If you have trouble accessing your account, use the forget password feature.

Members and Participation
Is there any" additional fee"?

An annual membership with our provincial association (provincial governing body for the sport of gymnastics) is mandatory. Membership valid from July 1 to June 30 of subsequent year. This membership fee also includes an insurance. This fee is renewed every season (July - June)

If I want to change class?

Please request the change in writing (email). If spots are available, change of day/time can be made with $5/child/change. (exception: children qualifying for a different class because of age)

How long is the program?

Your spot is reserved for your child for the rest of the season (Sept - June). See below for option to withdraw after minimum of 2 months.

How does the subscription work?

At time of registration, depending on the date, the system will collect the first and may be also the 2nd installment of the season. Then on the 5th of each month, the next installment will be drawn from you card. The last payment is in May.

What is your refund policy?

Refund is available after your 1st class before the 2nd class. Request to cancel must be in writing (email) submitted before the date of the subsequent class in the schedule.

Refund = fee paid - 1st class - $15 admin - membership.

Refund will be made to the original credit card in 10 business day. Membership fee is non refundable.


What if I need to discontinue?

Your spot is reserved for the rest of the season. Withdraw is possible with 2 months (full calendar month) advance notice  by reply to original booking confirmation. Your future payment will be cancelled. No refunds.

If withdraw is due to medical reasons, at the discretion of the recreational director, credit may be considered but must be supported by a doctor's letter. No refunds.

If there is an issue with the payment?

In case your card is compromised or expired, please notify us as soon as possible to update your information. When a payment fails, you will get a notice from the system. Please take care of it within one week by logging into your account and settle the balance. After the week, it is assumed that your spot in the subsequent month is free for a new participant. 

What if the program is cancelled?

Refunds will be provided for any programs cancelled by the club. If a program is interrupted due to unforeseen situation, i.e. pandemic, disasters (natural or otherwise), credits will be issued first, refund will be processed when circumstances allowed.


Are there make-up classes?

Make up classes will be scheduled for classes cancelled by the club because of inclement weather or situation out of our control. If a participant choose not to attend class for individual reason (illness, vacation, etc), make-up classes will not be offered.