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Frequently Asked Questions  

Which class to choose?
Just like school, our classes are designed for children of similar age but with smaller class size
Walking to 3 years old: Pre-school with Parent (ratio 1:10)
3 year olds: Kindergym (ratio 1:8)
4 - 5 year olds: Kindernastics (ratio: 1:8)
6 - 9 year olds: Junior Gym (coach ratio 1:8)
10+ year olds: Senior Gym (coach ratio 1:8)
Choose the age group, then the day and time that works for your schedule.
What is your drop-off and pick-up policy?
Parents are required to bring their child to the door at drop- off. If your child requires assistance preparing for their class, please enter the building with them. Parents are required to exit their vehicles and enter the building to pick their children up from their class. 
How do I register my child?
Online Registration is open 24/7 via our online registration system, Amilia.

1. From the top of any webpage click "Log In To Amilia".

2. Log in to your account (or create an account) and click on the Ajax Acro's store.

3. Choose your class, and follow the prompts to check out

Payments are made monthly on the credit card stored on file.

Please do not create a new account each time you register. Your child's progress is recorded in your Amilia account. New account means his/her achievement is not showing. If you are having trouble accessing your account please use the forget password feature.

FAQs: Members and Participation
Is there any "additional fee"?

An annual membership with our provincial association (provincial governing body for the sport of gymnastics) is mandatory. Membership valid from July 1 to June 30 of subsequent year. This membership fee also includes an insurance. This fee is renewed every season (July - June)

If I want to change classes?

Please request the change in writing (email). If spots are available, a change of day/time can be made at a cost of $5/child/change. (exception: children qualifying to attend class in the next age group)

How long is the program?

Our season follows the school year. Regular programs run from September to June of the subsequent year.

Our summer programming runs from July to August. 

Can I join after the class has started?
Yes, our experienced coach will work with your child accordingly. 
Your tuition fee will be pro-rated and the difference is reflected in your monthly installments.

What is the curriculum?

Our programming is based on the nationally approved CanGym program. All gymnast 6 yr+ will start in Level 1, learning basic fundamental movement patterns, and will progress through the 12 level system at their own pace throughout the gymnastics year. Classes will take place in our 20,000 square foot facility across all 4 women's events, and all 6 men's events. Participants in our Parent & Tot, and kinder programs also use equipment that is scaled down to their size. 

Your child's progress will be tracked and assessed at specific times during the season, and each child will receive a report card. Every effort is made to coach each child according to his/her ability at the time. There is no need to change class after your child is awarded a level. 

If the child's age has reached a different category, you may sign up for the next age group during the year. 

How do you communicate with members?
We keep you informed of club news via email, sent from the online system you used to register. Please ensure you have selected to receive our messages in your Amilia account so that you do not miss an important message about your class. If you have questions or concerns, the fastest way to reach us is by email at: 
Do you offer trial classes?
Our club has been serving the Ajax and Durham region for more than 50 years. From experience, we find dropping into an already established class can impact the integrity of the class for the other participants. For this reason, we do not offer trial classes during regular class times. Periodically, we will host an open house event that your family can sign up for in advance to try our programs.
To stay informed about when our next open house will be, or to see our facility and what our current members are getting up to in the gym, please visit our Facebook page. If you would like to visit the gym before signing up, please email the office to book.
How does the subscription payment work?

You are signed up for the entire season (until June). Payment is made in equal monthly installments. At the time of registration, you are charged for your first, and last months of classes. From then on, you are charged an equal monthly amount until May. You are not charged during your final month of classes (June).

What is your refund policy?

Refunds after one (1) class may be requested in writing via email 48 hours before the 2nd scheduled class, and are subject to a $15 admin fee. The provincial memership fee is non-refundable.

Refund = Amount paid - (memership fee +1st class + $15 admin fee) 

Refunds will be issued to the credit card used for registration within 10 business days. 

Camps are non-refundable. Exchange, though possible, is subject to availbilty. The cost is $5 per day/change if available.

What if I need to discontinue?

Your spot is reserved for your child for the season (until June). If you would like to withdraw your child from our program, you may do so by replying to your original booking confirmation email. Please note: you must give 2 full calendar months notice. A small fee of $5 will apply, and your future payments will be cancelled. No refunds.

If the withdrawl is due to a medical reason, a credit on file may be considered at the discretion of the recreational director, and must be supported by a doctor's note.

If there is a problem with my payment?

If your card is compromised or expired, please notify us as soon as possible to update your information. When a payment fails, you will get a notice from the system. Please take care of it within one week by logging into your account to settle the balance. After one week, your spot will be released for the subsequent month and made available for a new participant. 

What if the program is cancelled?

Refunds will be provided for any programs that are cancelled by the club. If a program is interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. pandemic, inclement weather, etc.), make-up classes will be scheduled where possible, or a credit will be issued to your account. Refunds will be only be issued in cases where the program is not running for the entire season (September - June).

Are there make-up classes?

Make up classes will be scheduled if they are cancelled by the club because of inclement weather, or for situations beyond our control.

We do not offer make-up classes, refunds, or credits when a participant is absent for personal reasons such as illness, vacation, Covid isolation etc.

In cases of longer term illnesses or injury, a credit may be issued on your account at the discretion of the recreational director. Requests for a credit must be submitted in writing and supported by a doctor's note. 

is there time for a parent to view class?

All our classes (except for Parent & Tot) are designed for independent learners who are comfortable attending class without parents on the premises. Parent may visit during the mid-section of your child's class. For safety reason, only persons have a profile in your account may book and visit. Number of visitors are measured. Details will be sent in your registration confirmation by email from the system. No photo taking from the viewing area please. 

Do I need to change class with the levels?

No, there is no need to change the day/time of your class after your child is awarded a level. Every child's progress is recorded in the system. Your coach always know which level your child is working on, and will teach accordingly (similar to a mixed grade class).

With our small class size, each child can progress at his/her own pace. Age is not a limit to what children can achieve. 

How to join the Competitive programs?

For those who are keen to learn and enjoy a more challenging program, there is opportunity to join the competitive program. We offer three streams of competitive for boys and girls from age 7 to 18.

Entry is by testing at the yearly tryout in June. Keep an eye on our call for tryout when it comes by email about May.


Artistic Men's and Women's gymnastics: Competing individually on olympic events (vault, bars, beam, floor, pommel, rings); train 6 to 16 hr/wk; must commit to schedule as assigned by coach each season (12 month program, July to June), no flexible choices.


Demo team: Girls perform at friendly meet in group routines incorporating dance and floor acro elements (no bar, no beam), train 4 to 6 hr/wk; schedule assigned by coach, not flexible.

For more information about our competitive programs, please check this Competitive page.

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