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Demo Team

What is Demo? 


The Demo program is designed for girls who have skills in acrobatics and enjoys working out in groups. The team works throughout the year to create routines to compete and perform at competitions and events. Athletes in the Demo program focus on floor and acro elements as well as dance and choreography. Demo Team members work on elements such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, saltos, leaps/jumps and dance.


The purpose of Demo is to: 

Offer a unique opportunity to girls who love to do the floor exercise & dance. As well as provide them with the opportunity to represent our club at local events within the community, such as parades.

How do I join?  


To join a group, a participant must attend a try-out. You can contact the office for more information.

Current Members

Please visit the Demo Competitive page for info on competitions

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